fanless patient infotainment terminal / with barcode scanner / touch screen / antibacterial



  • Options:

    fanless, with barcode scanner, touch screen, antibacterial

  • Screen size:

    18.5 in


18.5" Smart Terminal for the patient bedside

Designed for patient infotainment at the bedside
Multi-touch screen LED panel
With optional integrated barcode scanner
With a range of customization options


Barco's JAO18 bedside terminal has been specifically designed for use in a clinical environment - by patients as well as clinical staff. It offers multi-touch access to a host of tools and services - all presented on a high-quality LED panel for the best viewing comfort.

Designed for the patient room
Featuring anti-bacterial plastics, an easy-clean design, and a front screen that is IP-65 rated, this bedside terminal fully complies with the latest hygiene and safety standards (EN/UL 60601-1 certified*).

Engaging and empowering patients
JAO18 brings patients everything they need for an incredible infotainment experience. Thanks to this bedside device, patients won't have to miss their favorite TV or radio show while in the hospital. They can surf the net, play games, order video-on-demand, and much more. The terminal's full HD video playback capabilities and HDMI input to connect game consoles, Blu-ray players, smartphones, or tablets all contribute to keeping your patients happy during their hospital stay.

A personalized patient experience
You can order JAO18 with a smart handset, featuring an integrated keypad and optional service call button to boost patient comfort even more. Thanks to the integrated smart card and RFID reader for patient authentication, patients can access a host of personalized services, such as meal ordering, medication information, and information about the care team.