diagnostic display / dental / 21.5" / LCD
MDNC-3421 DE



  • Applications:

    diagnostic, dental

  • Display size:


  • Technology:

    LCD, LED


Diagnostic display for dentistry (MDNC-3421 Option DE)

Shows sharp, bright dental images
Reveals more details
Enables faster decisions


Barco's Nio Color 3MP dental display has everything it takes for dental specialists. It brings sharp and bright images to the diagnostic reading room so you can quickly visualize concealed anatomic structures and easily detect dental pathologies.

An accurate diagnosis
The Nio Color 3MP dental display has been designed for use in the dental reading room. Even when used in different ambient light conditions, it will provide you with crisp, high- contrast detail, enabling an accurate treatment planning.

For endodontic treatment, for example, visualization of small details, such as root cracks, is essential as it defines a patient’s entire treatment plan: should the tooth be treated or extracted in order to avoid dental abscesses and other oro-facial pain disorders? The swift and correct diagnosis of such problems is essential when providing treatment.

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