ankle sleeve / ankle strap
MalleoTrain® S

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ankle sleeve / ankle strap ankle sleeve / ankle strap - MalleoTrain® S


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    ankle sleeve, ankle strap


The Malleo train S is an ankle strap used for foot support and protection against lateral twisting. The strap with breathable train active knit with anatomical contours makes perfect fit on foot and enhances the circulation. The knit's compression effect helps blood circulation and activates the adjacent masculature. The support provides stabilization to the foot without any restriction to mobility and is an ideal choice for various sporting activities.

The knit provides high comfort and reliable ankle support whilst motion and enhances ankle stabilization. The active support provides an extended stability and security during physical activity. Usually during slight sprains, post operation or repeated overloading, the ligaments of the are effected and weakened raising the requirement of increased stability. Malleo train S provides the foot with necessary active support and stability and ensures a stress free and safe movement during various physical activities throughout the day.