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adult heel pad adult heel pad - ViscoSpot®


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ViscoSpot® is a Viscoelastic heel cushion used in the treatment of heel spurs. Its soft blue core alleviates pressure on the sensitive and painful pressure point on the sole of the heel. It adapts itself snugly to both the shoe and foot.

As we know, Calcaneal spurs or osteoarthritis can result in severe pain and this pain is further accentuated while standing or walking. ViscoSpot® comes in handy at those times. The device is also effective in the treatment of talagia. Every step taken in this disease affects not only the ankle joints, but also legs, knees, hips and spine. ViscoSpot® heel orthoses help you in dealing with that. Its viscoelastic material absorbs shock loads and counteracts pain. You can even manage long walks with this device.

ViscoSpot are resilient heel orthoses with a fit that lends itself to every shape of foot and shoe. This device has differing levels of firmness arranged vertically to distribute the pressure evenly with every step. All the individual zones are assembled so accurately that there is minimal interference between your foot and joins.

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