monoclonal antibody reagent / for ELISA / creatine kinase / liquid
BM351-S4C5, BM351-M5D9

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monoclonal antibody reagent monoclonal antibody reagent - BM351-S4C5, BM351-M5D9


  • Type:

    monoclonal antibody

  • Applications:

    for ELISA

  • Tested parameter:

    creatine kinase

  • Other characteristics:



CK-MB Mouse Monoclonal Antibody
There are 3 isoenzymes of creatine kinase (CK)-BB, -MM, and -MB. The primary source of CKMB is myocardium, although it is also found in skeletal muscle. CKMB levels increase with myocardial damage. Extreme elevations of CKMB can also be associated with skeletal muscle cell turnover as in polymyositis and to a lesser degree in rhabdomyolysis. It can also be elevated in cases of carbon monoxide poisoning, crush injuries, pulmonary embolism, hypothyroidism, and muscular dystrophy.
ApplicationsLateral Flow, Sandwich ELISA
Disease AreaCardiac Markers
Product CategoryMonoclonal Antibodies
Purity/GradeProtein A
Recommended Use
Recommended as the Detection antibody in Sandwich ELISA or Lateral Flow using BM351-M5D9 as the Capture antibody

Shipping RecommendationCool Pack
Storage2-8 °C (up to 1 month) below -15°C (long term)
Tested ApplicationsSandwich ELISA|Lateral Flow

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