external defibrillator tester / for external cardiac stimulators / benchtop



  • Applications:

    for external defibrillators, for external cardiac stimulators

  • Configuration:



The DA-2006 is a microprocessor-based analyzer that is used in the testing of defibrillators. It measures the energy output and provides information about the pulse. It is used on manual, semi-automatic and automatic defibrillators with monophasic, biphasic and pulsed biphasic outputs.

NOTE: This instrument is intended for use by trained service technicians.

The Biomedical DA-2006P Defibrillator Analyzer Features:

• Tests monophasic, biphasic and pulsed biphasic defibrillators
• Tests AEDs
• Pacer testing capability
• Internal paddle adapters
• Printer output
• Battery or line power

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