finger orthosis / wrist orthosis / metacarpal orthosis / wrist extension



  • Type:

    finger orthosis, wrist orthosis, metacarpal orthosis

  • Application:

    wrist extension, wrist flexion, finger flexion, finger extension


Mannerfelt handsplints are a modular system of dynamic
splinting, developed by L. Mannerfelt, M.D. and L.
Biedermann for conservative and postoperative care of
the hand. The system consists of four basic types
of splints. Each splint is prefabricated in three different
sizes for the right or left hand and is fully adjustable.
Mannerfelt handsplints are modular; for example, MCP
extension blocks may be easily added or removed as the
needs of the patient change. Furthermore, a variety of
modular components for thumb control may be added