emergency trolley / for instruments / for medical devices / for medicine



  • Applications:


  • Use:

    for instruments, for medical devices, for medicine

  • Components:

    with drawer, with tray, with waste bin, with basket, with CPR board, with IV pole

  • Other characteristics:

    medical, hospital


N6 Series Medical Trolley

After six generations of optimization and improvement, N6 Series medical trolley is praised internationally since it is published on the market in 2008, occupied 50% of domesticmarket of 3A class hospitals, be sold to 40 countries and regins overseas.

Jingdong Colors, Designed By Yourself

Multiple color choices is not only fashionable but also can assist healthcare staff easy to distinguish each drawer's function.

Ergonomics Design

Three kinds of dimensions for different height of people, easy to push, accessories in the near, reduce bending and turning.

Innovation Divider

Jingdong's free combination divider made from polycarbonate(PC) material, Which can adjust the partition size arbitrarily, and convenient classification partition storage.

Soft Closing Drawer

Automatic return drawer, decrease workload.

Medicine Security

Seals Lock, Central Lock and Digital Lock ensure medicine safety.

Integrated Accessories System

Add or remove accessory bar easily as requested, horizontal adjusement, vertical adjustment.

Directional Movement Structure

Tente caster, it is convenient for nurses to move the trolley in long distance work.

Two Choices of Drawers

ZWD(Zinc Steel Plate Welded Drawer ) or AMD(Aluminum Molded Drawer).

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N6 Series Trolley