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D-Dimer Control



  • Applications:

    for quality control, diagnostic, laboratory, clinical, for coagulation analysis

  • Sample type:


  • Tested parameter:


  • Analysis mode:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-sensitivity, human-based, liquid, lyophilized


Succeeder offers the D-Dimer kit which performed on Succeeder Coagulation Systems. D-Dimer Control Level I Kit and Level II Kit are intended for the quality control of D-Dimer on Succeeder coagulation Systems in normal/abnormal range.

Succeeder's D-Dimer kit is the only kit that pass Chinese regulations.

Principle: immunoturbidimetry
NPV >99%
Sensitivity > 95%

Within Run: C.V. ≤8% (Normal Plasma)
Within Run: C.V. ≤5% (Abnormal Plasma)
Run to Run: C.V. ≤10% (Normal Plasma)

Within linearity range of 0.2~1 μg/mL, γ≥0.990.

Linearity deviation:
[0.2, 1] μg/mL ≤ ± 0.1μg/mL
[1, 8] μg/mL ≤ ± 10%

Kit Name Type Product No. Size
D-Dimer Kit (DD) Liquid SF-RDD-L0402 R1:4*5.5ml R2:4*2ml (100T)
D-Dimer Kit (DD) Liquid SF-RDD-L0604 R1:6×11 mLR2:6×4 mL (300T)
D Dimer calibrator Powder SF-CDD-P0601 6*0.5ml
D-Dimer Control LevelⅠ Powder SF-QD1-P1201 12*1ml/vial
D-Dimer Control LevelⅡ Powder SF-QD2-P1201 12*1ml/vial