quality control reagent kit / diagnostic / laboratory / clinical
Coagulation Control



  • Applications:

    for quality control, diagnostic, laboratory, clinical, for coagulation analysis

  • Sample type:

    plasma, clinical

  • Analysis mode:

    chromogenic, turbidimetric

  • Other characteristics:

    high-sensitivity, human-based, lyophilized


Product Name: Coagulation Control Level I and Level II kit
Level I is designed as normal control for monitoring coagulation assays.
Level II is designed as abnormal control for monitoring coagulation assays.

Product Type: Lyophilized

Intended Use: For use in quality assurance of coagulation assays performed on Succeeder Coagulation Systems in the normal range.

Assays C.V.
PT ≤3.0%
APTT ≤3.0%
Fibrinogen ≤5.0%
TT ≤3.0%

Product No. Name Type Size
SF-QC1-P1201 Coagulation Control Level Ⅰ Kit Powder 12*1ml
SF-QC2-P1201 Coagulation Control Level II Kit Powder 12*1ml