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pediatric anesthesia workstation / trolley-mounted / with respiratory monitoring

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pediatric anesthesia workstation pediatric anesthesia workstation - 7200


  • Application:


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    with respiratory monitoring


7” color LCD screen, different parameters
distinguished by colors for easy recognition
Novel designed ventilator pneumatic system
decreases the consumption of Oxygen
Built-in “No Water Vapor Coagulation ”
sampling device ensures ZERO maintenance.
Fast-release function by APL valve is
comparable to high end models
Advanced one button switch of manual
/electronic provides convenient pneumatic
/electronic controlling interchanges
Optional AGSS device for more protection

Technical Specification
Physical & Environmental Specification
Dimensions(H×L×W): 1386×839×628mm
Weight: 85kg
Storage temperature: -20~+55℃
Working temperature: +10~+40℃
Storage humidity: ≤93%
Electrical Specification
Mains: 100-240V AC, 50 Hz
Battery: 24V DC, minimum 120 min
Power consumption: ≤0.5A
Pneumatic Specification
Gas supply: O2,N2O: 0.28-0.6Mpa
Flowmeters: O2: 0-1L/min; 1-10L/min
N2O: 0-1L/min; 1-10L/min
Gas system: O2 deficiency alarm
Hypoxic guard system
O2 flush: 25-75L/min
Working mode: Closed, Semi-closed, Semi-open
Driven mode: Pneumatically driven and electronically controlled
Safety valve: ≤8kpa
Operating mode: Man. / Vent.
Ventilator Specification
Patient type: Adult,pediatric
Ventilation modes: IPPV,Manual
Setting: Touch key & navigator wheel knob
Tidal volume: 0-1600ml
Ventilation frequency: 4-100bpm
I:E ratio: 4:1-1:8
PEEP: 0-20 cmH2O
Inspiratory plateau: off,5%-60%Ti
High pressure: 21-80cmH2O
Low pressure: 0-20cmH2O
Monitoring display: Display: 7″ color LCD screen
Pressure: P peak, Pplat, Pmean, PEEP
Volumes: MV, Vt
Breath rate