high-capacity washer-disinfector
WD 390

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high-capacity washer-disinfector high-capacity washer-disinfector - WD 390


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The new WD390 is high throughput, cost effective, and provides a shorter cycle time. It has fast availability and uses transport systems that are fully automatic.

Conforming to the prEN ISO 15883 standards, the WD390 comes with two to five chambers in a CSSD. The machine has a capacity ranging from 8 to 25 minutes, depending on the number of chambers and its capacity to be reprocessed. All of its modules can be arranged at similar sides so its maintenance access comes very easy.

The machine is specifically designed to be applied for the reprocessing of goods in huge CSSD in clinics and hospitals. It can reprocess OR instruments, MIS instruments, containers, AN materials, OR shoes, baby bottles, and many more. The WD390 will provide a lot of benefits and advantages to health care facilities in reprocessing health care materials.