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Belmont® buddy lite™ AC

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blood warmer blood warmer - Belmont® buddy lite™ AC


The Belmont® buddy lite™ AC is an AC powered or battery-powered blood and fluid warmer used globally in war zones, hospitals, ambulances, flight line helicopters, ski patrols or anywhere warm blood or fluid is needed to save a life. The unit remains in-line throughout transport. The device and disposables are light and compact and remove air automatically. Military approved bags to hold the unit, warmer, AC/DC power supply, battery and charger are available.

905-00010 The Belmont® buddy™ Disposable Set
Features a large venting membrane which automatically vents out-gassed air during warming, a one-way valve to prevent back flow and a valve to prevent air entrainment


Heats 4.4 liters of fluid to 38°C on a single charge
For inline blood and/or fluid warming
Weighs 1.6 lbs (0.73kg)
Optional power supply
Dry heat, responsive
Approved for flight
Water resistant