ceiling-mounted surgical light / halogen / with video monitor / 3-arm
Dr. Lite Series



  • Configuration:


  • Light source:


  • Other characteristics:

    with video monitor, 3-arm

  • Intensity at 1 m:

    140,000 lx, 160,000 lx


Aerodynamic design light head offer little turbulence, reduce the amount of bacteria circulated and provide more sterile working environment. Tool-free design allows for replacing bub within seconds. 99% of undesired thermal radiation is absorbed by specific coating filtration lens and reduce the heat generation in the light cone. Pass heat through the top of light head, away from the working field to ensure proper delivery of cool light.

(1) Lighthead Dia.590~ 715 mm
(2) Reflector Dia. 500 mm each. ~620 mm
(3) Max intensity at 1m: 140,000 Lux each ~160,000Lux.
(4) Color temperature 4200°±200°
(5) Color Rendering Index: 95 RA
(6) Light field diameter: 100~250mm /100~250mm/ 100~300mm
(7) No. of Bulb: 2 (1 Primary & 1 Back-up)
(8) Bulb Spec.: 22.8 VDC, 150 W
(9) Bulb life 1000+ hours