iliac artery stent graft / renal artery / cobalt-chromium / ePTFE
BeGraft +



  • Type:

    iliac artery, renal artery

  • Material:

    cobalt-chromium, ePTFE


The BeGraft Peripheral Plus Stent Graft System is indicated for intraluminal chronic placement in iliac and renal arteries for:

Restoring and improving the patency
Treating aneurysms, acute perforations, acute ruptures and fistulas
Graft Material : Two layers of micro-porous ePTFE tubing (203 ± 25 μm)
Stent Material (Composition) : CoCr (L605) Stent Graft Design Double stent with an ePTFE tubing between the stents and on the outer stent