box body ambulance / type C / bariatric



  • Configuration:

    box body

  • Type:

    type C

  • Other characteristics:



A vehicle without limits

Bergadana expands its fleet of emergency medical transport, by incorporating Tigis model.

With the introduction of model Tigis, it has highlighted the importance of good fleet management. The truth is that Bergadana strives to improve its family of vital transport vehicles, in order to strengthen and pluralize the existing supply.

The Tigis model is a vehicle that meets these objectives perfectly, since it has been redesigned both inside as its exterior to cover It needs an ambulance transport of vital advanced. Also, this vehicle is ready to serve as a pediatric or bacteriological ambulance, bariatric, psychiatric, fulfilling updating European standard UNE-EN 1789: 2007 + A2, harmonized by AENOR in 2015.