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mechanical micropipette / sterile / single-channel



  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    sterile, single-channel

  • Volume:

    Max.: 5 ml (0.1691 US fl oz)

    Min.: 0 ml (0 US fl oz)


1.UniPette series of complete specifications, the product range includes the range from 0.1μl~5000μl changes in the scope, the maximum amount to meet the normal laboratory range from micro pipetting needs

2.UniPette pipette using special nano-engineering plastics, high-temperature sterilization may be entire, very suitable for a bio-hazardous or sterile pipette demanding work to maximize the protection of the lives of laboratory staff

3.UniPette professional instrument designed by the United States. The unique design not only feel comfortable, and ergonomic work habits

4.UniPette key components within the core material by air and special metal materials, to ensure maximum product durability, accuracy and stability, within one year of maintenance-free, no deviation in three years, unlike the ordinary plastic, stability can only maintain three months

5.all-around product special locking device, easy to set lock to prevent accidental setting change range at any time, which effectively changed the traditional pipette did not lock function and a simple lack of both adjustable pipette, can also serve as multi-standard fixed pipette use, truly a machine

6.Each pipette in accordance with standard laboratory Q/TFBM2 2002,DIN 12650 standards for quality testing, the suction mouth distilled water at 22℃ for each pipette test of gravity, and provides a complete range of testing to get the relevant data of the shifter's certificate

7.UniPette product material spraying with special housing to prevent heat transfer through the handle to the fundamental guarantee for the product accuracy