primary hip prosthesis / cemented
type CSC



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CHARACTERISTICS OF THE IMPLANTCemented stem with centralizerThe centralizer ensures a uniform thickness of the bone cement from 1,5 mm to 2,0 mm. This thickness is resulting from rasp and stem sizes (both).Advantage of the straight stem shapeThe straight stem copies better the shape of the medullary canal of the femur.Three-faced stem profileThis shape causes less pressure in the cemented sheath and therefore minimizes the risk of bone cement fragmentation and subsequent loosening of the implant.Stems polished to mirror-like glossNo abrasive wear of the stem due to hard particles in the bone cement occurs.Warning for surgeons:Before the decision to apply cemented stem type CSC sizes 0 or/and 1 is taken, patient´s body weight as well as his/her motion activity are to be reviewed. The manufacturer does not recommend to perform sizes 0 or/and 1 into the patients weighing over 80 kg, and/or being exposed to higher motion activity.