cemented femoral stem

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cemented femoral stem cemented femoral stem - Poldi


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The former manufacturer, POLDI Kladno, launched this stem’s production as far back as 1972. Since then, the model has become the most frequently used hip joint endoprosthesis in the country’s orthopedic clinics – over 165,000 of them have been successfully implanted to date.CHARACTERISTICS OF THE IMPLANTMaterial: nitrogen steel (ISO 5832-9) In comparison with implants made of stainless steel, this material is more durable and has a 3 times greater slippage ratio.Conical neck 12/14 (Euro cone) with embossed surface Optional choice of ceramic head.5th generation – over 150,000 implantationsUnambiguous declaration of the implant’s quality and reliability.Relatively small stem Suitable also for mini-invasive operations.CD angle 140°Innovated instruments – 8 rasps (for each size of stem) with quick-grip handleFor optimal results we recommend combining with cemented cups by BEZNOSKA