cylindrical dental implant / titanium / internal hexagon

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cylindrical dental implant / titanium / internal hexagon cylindrical dental implant / titanium / internal hexagon - SIXt


  • Configuration:


  • Material:


  • Connection:

    internal hexagon

  • Implant diameter:

    3.75 mm, 4.2 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm (0.15 in)

  • Implant length:

    Min.: 8 mm (0.31 in)

    Max.: 16 mm (0.63 in)


Internal Hex
The internal hex connection has a
high-precision structure that serves as
platform for all diameters, creating the
perfect implant-abutment connection
and enabling a simple restoration
process.SIXt Implant
Acheive Immediate & Earlier Restoration
The only 6 threads implant design which has significantly more implant surface than any other implant on the market
Enables easy insertion with minimal bone's trauma
Significantly increases Bone to Implant Contact (BIC), which promotes earlier restoration
The unique 6 threads acheives faster
bone to implant contact (BIC), easy insertion
with minimal bone's trauma
The SIXt Implant is a six threaded
cylindrical implant with tapered
implant advantages.
The SIXt was designed for all
applications including hard and soft
bone. With its unique semi flat apex
the SIXt is great for sinus lifts.
This Genius implant gives you a nice
smooth penetration due to the great
threads design, unlike the regular
cylindrical implant which have
1.2mm threads the SIXt is uniquely
designed with 2mm threads that
have 6 sub-threads. This helps with
smoother insertion, less trauma to
the bone and better primary
stability.Implant Threads
The SIXt’s implant threads are double
threaded (2mm with six sub threads)
for efficient implantation. The threads
differ from top crown to apex, at the
coronal part the threads are thicker
trapezoid, in the middle the threads
are thinner square shaped and at the
apical part the threads are V-shaped.
This thread design helps with fast
insertion, bone condensing and