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class II microbiological safety cabinet / laboratory / floor-standing

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class II microbiological safety cabinet class II microbiological safety cabinet - Mini II MSC


  • Class:

    class II

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A small width safety cabinet ideal for the energy conscious, space-limited laboratory – providing both operator and process protection.

Bigneat’s Mini II MSC Safety Cabinet is manufactured to a very high standard using only the best quality materials and finished in a white epoxy protective coating. The front window and closure panel is manufactured from 8mm thick clear cast acrylic and the internal work surface is 316L stainless steel.

Inflow of room air enters the front to establish operator protection, down flow sterile air protects the enclosed samples and equipment. Room air does not enter the work zone which prevents sample/process contamination.

A 3.2” TFT touch screen controller displays air flows indicator and the system status.

Double hinges and vice action ‘T’ latch handles facilitate easy access to cabinet interior for cleaning and loading.

There are a range of three models available: R with recirculatory filtration (single HEPA). D for a ducted installation (with single HEPA filtration) and R2 with recirculatory filtration (double HEPA)

CUSTOMISATION: Add platform for laboratory balance, increase width .. Bigneat’s specialty, the capability to bespoke finish your enclosure.