supply beam system / ceiling-mounted / with column / with shelves



  • Type:

    supply beam system

  • Installation:


  • Other characteristics:

    with column, with shelves


The BI Healthcare BICP001MF ceiling-mounted pendant is well designed for medical assistant equipment and consists mainly of bridge,dry area and wet area, the dry area reasonably separated from the wet area.

The wet area is provided with transfusion system stand, injection pump stand, adjustable equipment or instrument shelf while the dry area is provided with oxygen, air and suction pipe. The equipment is also provided with electric and electronic power supply, network communication terminals,and medical illuminators at the middle of the bridge for convenience in use. At the same time. the equipment can also be provided with communication, monitoring, video telephone, and remote consultation system

Length of the bridge:2000-4000mm
Movable length of the dry area:550mm
Movable length of the wet area:550mm
Rotation angle of the dry area:≤350°
Rotation angle of the wet area:≤350°
Bearing capacity of the bridge:300-500kg
Bearing capacity of the dry area:120-200kg
Bearing capacity of the wet area:120-200kg