anesthesia gas blender / air / oxygen / with dual flow meter tubes



  • Gas type:

    anesthesia, air, oxygen

  • Technology:

    with dual flow meter tubes



Dual Flowmeters
15 LPM
1.0 LPM, 3.5 LPM or 15 LPM

Bio-Med Devices is excited to announce the introduction of the latest addition to our line of precision Air/Oxygen blenders...the uniquely designed, gas saving NEO2 BLEND! Designed for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, it comes with two integral flowmeters. The flowmeter on the left side is for flows from 1 to 15 LPM. The right side flowmeter can be either 0 to 1.0 LPM , 0 to 3.5 LPM or 0 to 15 lpm depending on the version ordered. Unlike other blenders, the NEO2 BLEND allows you to turn off the low flow gas bleed without disconnecting anything from the blender thus saving time, aggravation, gas and ultimately, money. This means the blender is always ready to use.