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microscope slide microscope slide - 09-OPLUS


General features
Adhesion microscope slides with positive charge, dimension 25 mm x 75 mm and thickness 1 mm (ISO Norm 8037/I), with ground 90° edges. The superficial coating improves the tissue’s adhesion on slide.

Chemical and technical features
Material:extrawhite glass
Refractive index:1.513 –1.523(measured between λ= 546.07 nm and λ= 643.85 nm)
Density:(2.47 ±0.01) kg/dm

The microscope slides Menzel are clean and defatted, transparent and without any kind of selective adsorption. The production is completely automated to eliminate dirty, dust, flaws and breakings; in this way the production guarantees slides regular in dimension and surface. The raw material’s high quality guarantees long life and stability during the time. The microscope slides Menzel are resistant to enzymatic procedures and microwaves ( suggested power: 750 - 800 watt).

Chemical composition
•SiO2 ( Silicon Dioxide): 72.20%;
•Na2O (Sodium Oxide): 14.30%;
•K2O (Potassium Oxide): 1.20%;
•CaO (Calcium Oxide): 6.40%;
•MgO (Magnesium Oxide): 4.30%;
•Al2O3 ( Aluminum Oxide): 1.20%;
•Fe2O3 ( Ferric Oxide): 0.03%;
•SO3 ( Sulfur Trioxide): 0.30%.

Functional features
SuperFrost® Plus glass slides are made by a process which:
•Places a permanent positive charge on standard microscope slides;
•Electrostatically attracts fresh frozen tissue sections and cytology preparations, binding them to the slide;