buffer solution reagent / fixative solution / decalcifying solution / for histology



  • Type:

    buffer solutions, fixative solutions, decalcifying solution

  • Applications:

    for histology

  • Sample type:

    bone marrow, histological biopsy

  • Other characteristics:



Fixative and decalcifier for bone marrow biopsy
- Number of tests
Volumetric ratio:
specimen volume/ fixative volume 1:50
specimen volume /decalcifying solution volume 1:50
- Procedure time: 3 hours and 15 minutes
- Product validity: 2 years
- Storage temperature: 15-25 °C

Expected aim
Product for the preparation of cyto-histological samples for optical microscopy.

Decalcifying fixative for bone marrow biopsy in the study of hematologic diseases.

The kit includes 2 reagents: fixative and decalcifier.
- B5 fixative is recommended for hematopoietic tissues; it contains formalin and mercury in a buffer solution. Concentration of mercury chloride has been chosen so that no mercury will precipitate on section during decalcifying process, provided that suggested procedure times are followed.
- Decalcifier contains E.D.T.A. (ethylenediaminetetracetic acid) in acid buffer. Decalcifying process takes place through chelation in acid environment and preserves tissue morphology in a remarkably short time for histopathological routine.

1) Put bone marrow immediately after drawing in reagent A (fixative): leave to act 90 minutes.
2) Extract the fragment from solution A and put it in 70° ethanol for 15 minutes (the fragment can be leftfor an indefinite time)
3) Put the biopsy in reagent B (decalcifier) : leave to act 90 minutes.
4) Dehydrate through ascending alcohols, clear in xylene and embed in paraffin

ATTENTION: Suggested procedure times have been tested on cylinders of bone marrow biopsy 3 mm thick, taken from crista iliaca and sternum. Decalcification times should be prolonged for compact bone and larger fragments.