electric autopsy saw / with vacuum cleaner
32 series



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    with vacuum cleaner


Medezine have been manufacturing medical saws for over 20 years
and they are now used extensively throughout the world.
The new 5000 unit has been built to cope with the increasing demands
in Autopsy work after working closely with its existing users.
Safety and e! ciency are key factors when purchasing any electrical
equipment and the 5000 has been speci" cally designed
with these features in mind. The hand piece can be fully immersed
for cleaning without any danger to the user. It has been designed
for ergonomic e! ciency to reduce operator fatigue and is one of
the quietest saws available.
The complete Medezine 5000 system is capable of handling
health endangering dusts and protecting the user from
harmful debris.
New Features
The Medezine 5000 has been improved to meet today’s needs
and features with the following changes:
• Redesigned power supply to give more power to the hand piece to
cope with increased demand.
• Top mounted power lead for easy removal of the hand piece
• New hand piece storage position to improve stability
• Larger chassis wheels for easier manoeuvrability
• The hand piece now has heavy duty bearings to give a longer life