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BioPlex® 2200



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    random access


The BioPlex® 2200 System is the industry’s first fully automated, random access multiplex testing platform. It combines innovative, reliable automation with the diagnostic power of proprietary multiplex chemistry and state-of-the-art software to bring a new level of flexibility and operational benefits to the laboratory.

The BioPlex® 2200 improves workflow with random access sampling and priority processing. Performing multiplex analysis on the BioPlex® 2200 is easy: simply load a tray of primary tubes and walk away. The system can automatically process up to 100 samples per hour — for a maximum of 2200 reportable results — with eight hours of walk-away capability. First results are available in approximately 45 minutes (assay dependent), with subsequent patient samples completed approximately every 30 seconds.

Patented Multiplex Chemistry
BioPlex® 2200 immunoassays use magnetic 8 µm beads, infused with varying ratios of fluorescent dyes to create unique bead sets. Beads within each set are coated with a ligand (i.e., antigen, antibody, analyte, etc.) specific to a particular assay. Bead sets are then mixed in a single reagent pack, allowing for simultaneous detection of multiple analytes from a single sample. The dual-laser, multiplex flow detection method processes a minimum of 150 individual bead results for each assay.