heating water bath / benchtop
166 Series

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heating water bath / benchtop heating water bath / benchtop - 166 Series


  • Temperature control:


  • Configuration:


  • Capacity:

    6 l (1.6 gal)


Heating baths are essential to many experimental workflows. Bio-Rad offers a research-quality water bath and digital dry bath to accommodate your laboratory needs.

Standard Water Bath
This temperature-controlled water bath is built to provide the accuracy, dependability, affordability, and safety required in laboratory applications. The instrument is available with an analog temperature control.

Key features:
Easy-to-clean, seamless stainless-steel tank
Stainless-steel gable cover
Electrostatically applied finish that resists rust, corrosion, and scratches
Over-temperature protection
Mercury-free thermometer
Digital Dry Bath
This digital dry bath with a stainless steel chamber and aluminum blocks provides rapid and even heating of 0.5 ml, 1.5 ml, or 2.0 ml microcentrifuge tubes or 15 ml centrifuge tubes. The high-wattage heater is microprocessor controlled for precise temperature control. Temperature is set by adjusting the easy-to-read display with the arrow keys. The broad temperature range (ambient +5ºC to 150ºC) is ideal for most common laboratory needs.

Key features:
Microprocessor-controlled for precise temperature control
Digital display and touch-control setting
Includes 1 standard heating block for up to 24 x 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tubes