medium-pressure liquid phase chromatography system / UV/VIS / modular
NGC™ Series



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    medium-pressure liquid phase

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The family of NGC Medium-Pressure Chromatography Systems fit your throughput requirements when purifying biomolecules for analytical- and preparative-scale applications. Each system is composed of interchangeable modules that confer different system capabilities.

The six preconfigured NGC Liquid Chromatography Systems listed below are designed with increasing automation and throughput to serve a wide range of laboratory needs:

NGC Quest™ 10 (7880001) and NGC™ Quest 10 Plus Systems (7880003) — for separating biomolecules at high resolution using accurate gradients
NGC Scout™ 10 (7880005) and NGC™ Scout 10 Plus Systems (7880007) — for medium throughput applications requiring rapid scouting of protein purification conditions with automated gradients and buffer preparation
NGC Discover™ 10 (7880009) and NGC™ Discover 10 Pro Systems (7880011) — for higher throughput applications with rapid, robust automation and a need for method development
For an overview of the features and capabilities of the six NGC Chromatography Systems, view the NGC 10 System comparison chart and watch the NGC System Tour.

The NGC Systems are composed of interchangeable modules that confer different system capabilities. Browse the module selection guide to help you decide which system is best for you, or use our online tool to configure your personalized NGC Instrument.