compact electrophoresis chamber
Mini-PROTEAN® 3 Dodeca™ Cell



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The Mini-PROTEAN 3 Dodeca cell runs up to 12 mini gels under identical conditions in just 35 minutes. Eliminate gel-to-gel variation by hand casting gels 12 at a time using the Mini-PROTEAN 3 Multi-Casting Chamber and Model 485 Gradient Former. Alternatively, use Mini-PROTEAN or Ready Gel® Precast Gels for added convenience and reproducibility.

Features of the Mini-PROTEAN 3 Dodeca cell include:

Capacity to run up to 12 gels simultaneously
Built-in cooling coil that attaches to an external refrigerated circulator to prevent overheating and ensure high resolution results
Stirbar capability that helps maintain uniform buffer tank temperature for run reproducibility
Easy assembly facilitated by a patented* electrophoresis clamping frame
Convenient buffer draining via the built-in quick-connect drain port
Compact footprint that saves bench space