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KnowItAll ®



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    analysis, data management, reporting

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IR, Raman, NMR, NIR, MS, & UV-Vis Spectroscopy Software
The KnowItAll Software, Analytical Edition offers award-winning solutions to analyze and manage multiple types of spectral and chemical data in multiple file and instrument formats (IR, Raman, NMR, NIR, MS, UV-Vis, & chromatograms). It includes innovative technologies — only available from Bio-Rad — with spectral intelligence continually added to help chemists acheive the best spectral analyses.

KnowItAll's integrated toolsets eliminate the need for multiple software packages and increase overall lab efficiency with tools for:

Spectral Search (Simultaneous Multi-Technique)
Spectral Identification
Mixture Analysis (Multi-Component Analysis)
Multi-Technique Spectral Data Management (Database Building)
NMR Prediction
Processing & Subtraction
Quality Control Analysis
ChemWindow® Chemical Structure Drawing
Reporting & Publishing Tools