oxygen therapy hyperbaric chamber / on casters / monoplace
Revitalair 430



  • Application:

    oxygen therapy

  • Configuration:

    on casters

  • Capacity:



The Hyperbaric Oxygenation Treatment is a non-invasive method based on the provision of compressed air and oxygen by means of a Hyperbaric Chamber, pressurized cabin or container at 1.4 atmospheres (ATM), above the normal atmospheric pressure, which is 1 ATM. When the patient breaths oxygen in this environment, it is diluted in our blood flow, increasing the amount of O2 in the tissues and obtaining a great amount of benefits from Hyperoxia.
BioBarica® centers use Revitalair® 430 Hyperbaric Chambers. It is a medium pressure chamber with all the medical benefits of hard shelled chambers, in a more accessible manner for physicians and patients alike. Our product has multiple international certifications including the CE. We also provide online trainings, creating an integral and complete service.