fume hood for the pharmaceutical industry / laboratory / chemical / walk-in
Walk-in series Fume Hood



  • Applications:

    for the pharmaceutical industry, laboratory

  • Function:


  • Configuration:



Walk-in fume hood supply exhaust system for large laboratory instruments and equipment. Meanwhile, operators can walk into the fume hood to operate the equipment conveniently and directly. It is widely used in bellow areas:
◆ Hospitals & Pharmaceutical
◆ R & D Centers
◆ Education Institutions
◆ Petroleum & Petrochemical Plants
◆ Other Industrial Projects

Standard Accessory
Fluorescent lamp 1pc.
Water tap 1pc.
Gas tap 1pc.
PP cup sink 1pc.
Remote control water valve 1pc.
Remote control gas valve 1pc.
Waterproof sockets 4pcs.

Optional Accessory
Blower 1pc.
4-meter PVC Duct 1pc.