medical sterilizer / laboratory / plasma / vertical



  • Application domain:

    medical, laboratory

  • Sterilization procedure:


  • Configuration:


  • Capacity:

    Max.: 200 l (52.8 gal)

    Min.: 40 l (10.6 gal)


Product introduction:
BIOBASE Plasma sterilizer takes H2O2 assterilizing agent and from plasmatic state of H202 by electromagnetic field under low temperature. It combines both gaseous and plasmatic H2O2 to make sterilization for the items in chamber
and decomposed the residual H2O2 after sterilization.It is widely used in CSSD or other medical institute for the sterilization of electric wire and cable, optical glasses and glass lens, power equipment and batteries, endoscopes, catheter, nonmetallic and other wet or heat sensitive instruments.

The sterilizer is applicable to sterilize the medical instruments that are thermo labile or nonmoisture tight.
It is not applicable to the sterilization of liquid, powder or cotton fabrics. All the medical instruments that
meet the following conditions can be processed by this type of sterilizer.
Medical tubular instrument: inner diameter≥1mm, length≤500mm
Nonmetal tubular instrument: inner diameter ≥1mm, length≤2000mm
Medical tubular instrument: inner diameter≥0.8mm, length≤300mm
Nonmetal tubular instrument: inner diameter ≥1mm, length≤1000mm

Product features:
1. Low temperature sterilization
2. Safe and environment friendly
3. Convenient
4. Multiple models
5. Reliable sterilization
6. Safe sealing door
7. Data management
8. Advanced configuration
9. Reassuring

H2O2 Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer