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analysis software / for animal research / laboratory analysis software / for animal research / laboratory - PHENO FINDER


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    for animal research

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The PhenoFinder software breaks through the data analysis bottleneck. It is a powerful tool to organize your complete workflow, analyze a huge number of pooled experiments and create convincing reports. PhenoFinder is the first software that helps you to find group definitions within your data. There is no need to use external statistical applications or to define your own data analysis procedures anymore. Almost everything can be done by drag & drop or with a little help from a wizard. With PhenoFinder you can compare statistical distributions in result pools regarding all parameters you have investigated in your experiments. Significant phenotyping takes just one mouse click.
PhenoFinder detects groups of animals with similar or kindred behavior in large amounts of data. This can be used for blind testing or for phenotype searching in new knockout mice.

A powerful report generator offers the opportunity to print out the results of your phenotyping in a self-defined design.

PhenoFinder has an integrated experiment planner for setting up future experiment schedules. With copy & paste you can apply a complete project structure with all its necessary experiments and time schedules to a new genotype. Furthermore you can remote control the Viewer tracking software to execute these experiments.

Approved templates of complete behavioral phenotyping processes can be stored for reusing them again and again. PhenoFinder can access your existing database tools to get animal descriptions or to store experiment results.