immunodetection reagents / antibody / protein / PSA



  • Applications:

    for immunodetection

  • Type:


  • Tested parameter:

    protein, PSA

  • Sample type:


  • Other characteristics:

    assayed, liquid


The prostein gene encodes a 553-amino acid type IIIa plasma membrane protein with a cleavable signal peptide and 11 transmembrane-spanning regions (1). IHC analysis has demonstrated that the Prostein antibody (also known as P501S) was expressed in the normal prostate tissue and the vast majority of malignant prostatic tissues, regardless of grade and metastatic status (2). Prostein expression was not detected in thousands of representative normal and malignant non-prostatic tissue samples (2). Prostein has a perinuclear-like staining pattern, as expression is found in the Golgi complex of prostate cells. Compared to the PSA antibody, prostein was positive in 99% of metastatic prostate adenocarcinomas while 97% of cases were positive for PSA. No tumor was negative for both markers (3).

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