automated coagulation analyzer / human / 8-channel / compact
Solea 100



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  • Other characteristics:

    8-channel, compact


Stable cruise speed
Perform more than 100 tests per hour in routine mode (PT+APTT+TT+FIB). The analyser optimizes the use of cuvettes racks to get the highest speed and the most reliable results.

Smart and economic use
The very low dead volumes (0.2mL) saves reagent. Racks with unused cuvettes are returned to be used later for remaining cuvettes.

Intelligent system
Light and sound alarms, automatic reruns, permanent check of any signal anomaly, automatic volumes checks by level sensor… all functions are available for the easiest use.

A production respecting the highest quality standards ensure the best reliability for such analysers.
All European components are used to build this robust system.