magnetic therapy unit / tabletop / 4-channel



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    magnetic therapy unit

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The Biomag® Lumina system (magnetic therapy device Biomag® Lumina and connectable applicators) is designed for application on all parts of the body for all age groups (from 3 years of age) to improve regeneration of the body, soothe pain, stimulate metabolism, enhance the immune system and maintain good health. The CLINIC mode which is designed for healthcare providers and experienced users.
• The advantage of the device equipped with a battery is the possibility
of its operation without the need for an electrical grid;
• High efficiency, easy operation;
• CombinationofpolarisedlightandmagneticfieldintheAL16-LUM(Alfa)
applicator ;
• System information displayed on a sufficiently large display;
• Text menu listing therapeutic programs;
• Display switched off automatically if idle for 6 minutes;
• After switching off, the last used parameters are stored;
• Four outputs with identical parameters; gradual switch-on of outputs in
selected programs 3D;
• Large range of applicators, unique software, optimised magnetic pulse
profile to the requirements of each program;
• Selection of frequency from 1 Hz to 162 Hz, in 1-Hz steps;
• The selected frequency may be added by frequency wobbling
• Special program for water magnetisation;
• Attractive and smart design of the device and applicators;
• Option to fix the device using the strap;
• Washable applicators;
• Optional expansion functions of the system.
Biomag® Lumina is a very beneficial part of treatment and rehabilitation and an excellent aid in treating health problems providing that the instructions for use are observed and contraindications respected.