veterinary magnetic therapy unit / for pets / for equines / for camels



  • Type:

    veterinary magnetic therapy unit

  • Type of animal:

    for pets, for equines, for camels

  • Ergonomics:

    tabletop, wearable, mattress, transportable


The Biomag® Lumina VET device generates a low-frequency pulsed magnetic field which has been utilized for decades in human and also veterinary medicine for the purposes of rehabilitation care. This low- frequency pulsed magnetic field fully penetrates animal body without having any negative side effects. The use of the Biomag® Lumina VET device represents a scientifically proven method that is painless, harmless and helps maintain a good physical condition of the animals.
Low-frequency magnetic field positively affects biochemical and biophysical reactions in and among cells of a living organism and improves penetration of cellular membranes that are disturbed due to a disease. Subsequently, a supply of oxygen and other active substances greatly increases and metabolic processes considerably improve due to the effects. The Biomag® Lumina VET device generates a specific pulsed magnetic field that has direct healing effects in animals, thus positively affecting the overall condition of the animal patient.
The scope of indications for veterinary application is of the same range as in human medicine. Specifically, those are spinal diseases, joint diseases, degenerative and inflammatory damages to the musculoskeletal system, urinary tract inflammations, gynaecological inflammations, constipation, dermal diseases and mainly post-surgical and post-injury conditions. The Biomag® Lumina VET device is also suited for animals used in sport and leisure to promote relaxation and calmness and improve performance and after-performance regeneration.