foam cushion / washable / anti-decubitus / square



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  • Other characteristics:

    washable, anti-decubitus, square


Extremely soft and elastic thanks to the presence of fibre which replace the padding and covered with a thin layer of silicone making it easier for the fibres to slide over each other. This guarantees a good distribution of the support pressure and excellent skin aeration in part due to the quilting which forms two united cylinders. The cushion cover is removable and composed of a fabric combined with breathable microhole polyurethane, permeable to steam and impermeable to liquids. Hypoallergenic and can be sanitised. The cover is machine washable at 60° using normal wash powder.

Material: siliconised hollow fibre
Characteristics: removable cover

Technical data

Length 45 cm
Widht 42 cm
Height 13 cm
Nomenclatore tariffario
Warranty 1 anno/year