mycosis test kit / for microbiology / for yeast / for mold
InTray™ Malt Extract

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mycosis test kit mycosis test kit - InTray™ Malt Extract
  • Mycosis test kit


  • Applications:

    for mycosis, for microbiology

  • Tested parameter:

    for yeast, for mold


Malt Extract Agar is a a nutrient-rich medium for the use of cultivation, isolation and enumeration of a broad-spectrum of environmental and pathogenic yeasts and molds. This medium is recommended for the examination of yeasts and molds in clinical, veterinary and environmental samples. The device can accept samples by direct plating or interface directly with standard methods for microbial testing of water samples using the Membrane Filter (MF) Technique. The acidic pH of Malt Extract Agar allows for the optimal growth of molds and yeasts while restricting bacterial growth.