glutamic acid decarboxylase test kit / for diabetes / serum / ELISA



  • Applications:

    for diabetes

  • Tested parameter:

    for glutamic acid decarboxylase

  • Sample type:


  • Analysis mode:



This simple 2 hour 45 minute ELISA test detects glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) levels in human serum. It is particularly useful in early diagnosis of Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM) or type1 diabetes in predisposed individuals several years before its clinical onset. IDDM is a worldwide health problem affecting 1-2% of the population and exacting a high cost in terms of morbidity and mortality, occurring most often in patients under 40 years of age.

Features & Benefits:

* Sensitivity: 85%
* Accuracy: 85.8%
* Precision:
- Inter-Assay: 4.6%
- Intra-Assay: 5.1%