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AIDS assay kit / HIV / serum / plasma



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    serum, plasma


Advanced 4th generation assays for earlier diagnosis
The VIDAS® HIV panel provides a combination of advanced 4th generation assays for improved detection of acute HIV during the critical “window period”.

Combined detection of anti-HIV-1 (groups M and O) and anti-HIV-2 total immunoglobulins + HIV-1 p24 antigen
True dual information: differentiation of Ag and Ab signals
Highest p24 Ag sensitivity currently available
Easy-to-use solution
Many of the 35.3 million people infected with HIV worldwide are unaware of their condition, as symptoms may be absent or non-specific. In addition, there is a mean period of 3 weeks between contamination and the appearance of the first anti-HIV serum antibodies1. Early detection of seroconversions is thus one of the main HIV diagnostic challenges.

The VIDAS® automated HIV infection screening tests allow simultaneous detection of p24 antigen and anti-HIV antibodies enabling the time lapse between contamination and diagnosis of the infection to be decreased. Identifying more primary infections can make a key difference in reducing transmission. Providing appropriate therapy as fast as possible is also essential to improve patient outcome.

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