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    fully automated

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    Petri dish


APS ONE: Fully Automated Pourer Stacker
Culture media pouring system for various plates
Preparation system to enable standardized quality in your homemade culture media plates. Part of the BLUE LINE™.

55 mm, 90 mm & bi-plates
High capacity and dispensing rate
Top quality: uniform level, homogeneity, sterility, reproducibility and full traceability
Quality plate preparationTOP
APS One - automated media dispenser for culture mediaAPS ONE, part of the BLUE LINE™ range of instruments, is an Automated Pourer Stacker for Petri dishes – a culture media plate pouring system that makes it possible to prepare superior homemade culture media plates for high quality test results.

Fills media rapidly and accurately in plates
Level plate production, even at low volumes
Homogeneity, sterility
Reduced solidification time and condensation
Total traceability of plates and batch
Works with most plastic plate brands
Use in complement to bioMérieux’s ranges of prepared media and CHROMID® chromogenic media

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