sample management system / traceability / laboratory
NEO 3S11-050



  • Function:

    traceability, sample

  • Applications:



NEO Sample Management is designed to guarantee the traceability of the samples, ensure sample integrity, improve tracking efficiencies and optimise freezer space to satisfy all your biobank’s needs.

Specification :

ADAPTABILITY : Modular software design allows the system to be configured and upgraded to suit the scientist’s needs.
SECURITY : Intrusion detection in the robot, positive ID for the resources.
PRODUCTIVITY : 3 finger touches on the tactile screen is enough to complete a full distribution cycle from the primary tubes to the closed microtubes.
TRACEABILITY : The robot, reader, scanner and software form a complete loop which avoids breaking the chain between patient and microtubes biospecimen.

The Total Chain includes :

1. NEO Robot: Automated secure sample distribution for biological samples. Guaranteed traceability using 2D barcode.

Scanner for full plate resource identification
196 primary tubes, 4 plates sites
Automatic reading barcodes
Liquid detection by capacitance and pressure
High throughput: to 180 tubes per hour (depending on profile).
Dimensions: 98cm x 71cm x 75,5cm
Weight: 75 Kg

2. NEO Manager (Software): Full lifecycle tracking of all your samples :

Biobank LIS connection. Software for management/traceability
Positive identification methodology
Freezer management

3. Standard Computer: Complete computer (screen, mouse, keyboard…). Windows installed on the computer in the language of your choice.

4. NEO Reader 2D barcode: Reader (DataMatrix). Error-free microwell identification .

5. Label Printer: Labels your transport tubes, primary tubes...