automatic sample preparation system / laboratory / aliquoting / compact
SSA 3S10001



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    for tubes


The SSA is a compact and complete aliquoter that assures the distribution of biological samples, without human intervention, from primary tubes into secondary tubes and SSP plates.

Specification :

SSA ensures the traceability, with total security, of your samples, from the aliquoting to the final use. Distribution control using liquid level detection, blockage detection and continuous monitoring of each phase. Prevents contamination by using disposable tips and features unique anti-drip protection. Its speed (200 samples per hour) facilitates integration into pre-analysis processes.
Benefits :

Adaptable, secure aliquoter.
Compact, simple and affordable.
Security and traceability: Positive identification at each stage, disposable tips avoids contamination, and instant tracking of all samples.
Aliquot from the primary tube to:

- Secondary tubes for routine tests.
- SSP plates for medium and long-term storage.
High throughput: Fill an SSP plate in 9 minutes, up to 200 tubes / hour.
Easy to use: Managed by SSTS (under Windows®), the software that controls and tracks the entire system.