cryogenic test tube / for sample storage / round bottom / polypropylene



  • Applications:

    for sample storage

  • Shape:

    round bottom

  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    with data matrix code, cryogenic, sterile


The ICE tube was especially conceived for the conservation of biological samples
The ICE tube is essential to organise samples simply and effectively, the tube is resistant to freezing in mechanical freezers, liquid nitrogen and gaseous nitrogen. ICE tube is the only cryotube endowed with multiple identification: DataMatrix, classical marking or RFID tag, guaranteeing faultless traceability of samples.

Specification :

Intended for cryogenic transportation and storage of biological material
SBS standard format for automation compatibility
Perform well in mechanical freezers, and in nitrogen (gas and liquid phase)
Multi-identification: DataMatrix, RFID, Classical Label and Colour codes tags

- DataMatrix code: It is engraved on the sleeve of the tube, providing fautless traceability during the conservation period
- RFID tag: The radio Frequency Identification system is a plastic coated microchip resistant to extreme condition. The information contained in the RFID tag can be easily modified and it store every event for the lifetime of the sample
- Classical label: An area on the sleeve where a standard barcode can be affixed of text can be written by hand for basic archiving
Inviolability tabs.
CE marked
Sterile according to ISO 9001
Re-closable boxes of 48 ICE tubes
For extreme storage conditions like liquid phase of nitrogen the DataMatrix identification is the perfect solution
Tubes dimensions 4,55cm x 1,60cm x 1 cm
Weight 400gr.
Compatible Products:
- SSTS Software
- 2D and RFID Reader