chromatography water purifier / reverse osmosis / electrodeionization / microfiltration
Labaqua HPLC



  • Applications:


  • Purification technique:

    reverse osmosis, electrodeionization, microfiltration, deionization, polishing

  • Other characteristics:

    for ultrapure water production


Labaqua ultrapure systems are multi-purpose water purification systems. The Labaqua systems produce ultrapure and pure water directly from tap water.

Labaqua HPLC produces water with very low organic carbon (TOC) content meeting requirements of liquid chromatography methods. Labaqua HPLC water can also be used for some microbiological and molecular biology applications.

Any configuration of a Labaqua ultrapure system produces both ultrapure and pure water. Ultrapure (Grade 1) water is dispensed through the point-of-use filter on the front panel. Pure (Grade 2) water is dispensed directly from the storage tank.

Labaqua ultrapure water can be used for the most demanding applications including, but not limited to: Inorganic trace analysis, Liquid chromatography, Cell culture, Molecular biology.