DNA fluorometer / filter

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DNA fluorometer / filter DNA fluorometer / filter - ALA-1/4


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    for DNA

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PCR end-point detection

ALA-1/4 is the first multi channel rotor type fluorescence detector that allows detection of the fluorophores lights emission in the reaction mixes with a closed-tube method immediately after PCR.

ALA-1/4 is a four-channel high speed detector of fluorescence/quenching ration of DNA probe combined with a fluorescence/quenching molecules. Level of fluorescence depends on the quantity of the positive amplification after thermocycling of DNA probes. The instruments substitutes for electrophoresis and gel-documentation step of amplicon detection. The closed-tube method ensures biosafety conditions in the DNA diagnostic Labs.

Biosan FEP (Fluorescence detection with End Point analysis) is the revolutionary approach that allows to:

Carry out the experiment with closed test tubes, thus eliminating the probability of contamination;
Perform the amplification and detection processes in the same room with reduced personnel costs;
4-channels detection: FAM, HEX, ROX, CY-5;
Register, interpret and store the results obtained on PC;
Simultaneously detect a variety of infections pathogens;
Eliminate the need for electrophoresis and gel run storing instruments.