warming blanket / for animal research / for rodents

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warming blanket / for animal research / for rodents warming blanket / for animal research / for rodents - 39DP


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    for animal research

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    for rodents


Safe, reusable heating pads - requiring no electricity neither cable. Maintain animals or cultures at 37°C for hours: a very useful tool for maintaining animals' temperature (rats or mice) during surgical procedures or to speed up recovery processes. Ideal for NMR (Naked Mole Rats)!

Based on fundamental thermodynamics, completely safe even with flammable gases, uses no electricity, no wires, no control box, and they are reusable.

The Deltaphase Isothermal Pad is a new approach to body temperature stabilization. It acts as a source of heat, but cannot overheat. Its constant temperature is based on a thermodynamic principle and needs no electricity or wires, no thermostat or feedback controller. It cannot generate electrical signals or cause interference. It cannot trigger an explosion, but it can maintain a small animal at near normal and constant temperature for several hours.

Operating principle

Normal biochemical functions are based on the temperature of 37°C. In conscious animals, core temperature is maintained. During anesthesia, body temperature falls. Normal chemistry is disturbed, surgical tolerance is reduced, and recovery is slow. Studies of mammalian cell biology are conducted at 37°C in expensive incubators in order to maintain normal function.

However, the manipulation of cultures in a clean hood or on the bench top almost always leads to significant cooling. At the least, this results in the displacement of growth curves. At worst it can lead to significant cell mortality.